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Founded in 2008, StimWell Services has become a global provider of vessel-mounted Stimulation Services. Well established in the North Sea, Stimwell’s Island Patriot vessel performs acid and propped fracturing treatments for all Operators.

The Island Patriot Vessel - Ultra-high Capacity

Designed to meet DNV Stimulation Vessel Class certification and to operate in any area of the globe, StimWell’s Island Patriot represents a step-change in vessel design philosophy. Built by StimWell and entering service in 2010, her carrying capacity and capabilities were substantially greater than vessels then operating in the North Sea and many treating records have been set since her launch.

Latest News

A Reorganisation of the Stimwell Group

The non-trading entity StimWell Services B.V. is seeking to transfer all of its assets and liabilities to Stimwell Services Limited by way of a cross-border